healthy reading

Remedy for eyeburn.


have your eyes ever get tired in the middle of a rising plot? have your ever felt a burning sensation in your eyes? heres some tips so that you can read without worrying about being blind

  • go to an eye doctor for a check up regularly
  • wear glasses if prescribed by the doctor
  • after about 20 minutes of non stop reading, take a break by looking out a distance for about 30 seconds an then stare at a green colored object not neon! something relaxing
  • don’t read under a dim light but also not a very bright light.
  • have enough rest
  • eat more food with omega 3 
  • never stare at the words closely. its best to have at least a foot away from your book. never stick your nose close to the book and other peoples business 😛
  • wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when your outside.

good luck keeping…

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