World-building: Extensive, Minimal, Top-down, and Bottom-up

Brick by brick, world-building can make a novel a delight or an agony.

Into the Wonder

Philip Overby has a new post up at Mythic Scribes about that perennial topic among fantasy writers, world-building. Philip lays out the pros and cons of both “extensive” and “minimal” approachs to world building, and he does it quite well. I’ll go ahead and state my preference for extensive world-building—as long as it doesn’t bog down the story.

I think of it sort of like a flower garden. People who come by to admire your roses and petunias don’t really care what sort of fertilizer you use or how you decide when to plant or the brand of your favorite set of clippers. They care about the finished product, not the process. And yet, when the other members of the local gardening society come around, they love to talk shop, share tips, etc.

I’m not sure what proportion of fantasy readers are like the members of the gardening society…

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The Red Tide

Fancy a dip?



A fresh concentration of red tide algae forced the closure of another ten Sydney beaches as government authorities warned new blooms could occur anywhere between Sydney and the Central Coast.

“This bloom has likely occurred as a result of the upwelling of nutrient-rich deep ocean water on to the continental shelf,” they said.

“Testing of samples taken from Bondi beach have been identified as noctiluca scintillans, which appears as a pinkish to reddish discoloration in water. Upwellings create food sources for the predatory noctiluca scintillans – there’s more bacteria and phytoplankton for them to eat,” Dr Murray said.


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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Episode 4 Clip

The Silver Screen Critic

For those of you who love Marvel and their hero series of films, including Iron Man and Thor, you have probably been watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
If you haven’t, then where have you been? It’s basically Marvel films, but split up into a series of episodes, almost like mini movies.
Well, whether you have been watching from the start, or only just latching on, here is a sneak peek at the fourth episode!

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healthy reading

Remedy for eyeburn.


have your eyes ever get tired in the middle of a rising plot? have your ever felt a burning sensation in your eyes? heres some tips so that you can read without worrying about being blind

  • go to an eye doctor for a check up regularly
  • wear glasses if prescribed by the doctor
  • after about 20 minutes of non stop reading, take a break by looking out a distance for about 30 seconds an then stare at a green colored object not neon! something relaxing
  • don’t read under a dim light but also not a very bright light.
  • have enough rest
  • eat more food with omega 3 
  • never stare at the words closely. its best to have at least a foot away from your book. never stick your nose close to the book and other peoples business 😛
  • wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when your outside.

good luck keeping…

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